Emergency Plumbing

You stroll to your bathroom in the morning and step into a pool of water right in your bedroom. The drain is blocked, and water has pooled all over, damaging furniture and electronic devices! You hear some drip-dropping noises of water from your kitchen and bathroom, indicating your taps are dripping. Unexpectedly, there is no supply of water in your home, the main pipe has burst, and no plumber is picking your calls. Well, it might not be possible to face all these problems at the same time, but they occur. Do not think of a plumber when they do, because he can show up when is too late and there is too little they can do. Have our contacts in your speed dial, because we are the ultimate plumber who can save you in case of an emergency.

Whether in your house or organisation, some plumbing problems cannot wait. If you choose to put them on hold, they can end up causing a great deal of damage. You may disregard that leaking pipe thinking that the issue is too small to fret about, but ultimately, this can result into a substantial problem, not forgetting that it can speed up the growth of mold, which can impact your household’s health and that of your staff members. For that reason, if you have any plumbing problem that needs instant attention, call us, and we will be there in minutes.

Is it an emergency?

For a fact, emergency services will cost you more than basic services. We are not after making riches, but providing unbeatable services to our clients and keep the excellent reputation we enjoy today. For that reason, in case you are not sure whether you are in an emergency or not, call us and we shall help you out. Our technician will ask you a couple of questions which will assist evaluate the issue. If it is an emergency, we will come to you as quickly as we can. If it is an issue that can be fixed later, the technician will advise you on what to do, and we will make certain we come at a time convenient to you the next day to repair it.

We give complimentary tips to our clients

In case of an emergency, every minute counts. Even though we are the most dependable plumber in the neighborhood, we take minutes to get to your residential or commercial premises. Therefore, a problem such as a gas or water leakage can cause a lot of damage before we show up. To safeguard your house considering that you are important to us, we shall encourage you on what to do to mitigate damage. Call us now!

We provide many emergency plumbing services including, but not limited to;

All our emergency plumbing services cover both business and house owners. Whatever your needs are, we will constantly be there to fix them whether it’s on the weekend, a public holiday, or at the middle of the night. Call us or fill the booking form on this page, and we shall give you a free quote and begin working on your project ASAP!